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Whether you’re planning or already there, use this Perdido Key Visitor Guide to quickly find the answers and information you need to make your trip more enjoyable.

Perdido Key Visitor Guide
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Sometimes you just need a quick fact – that restaurant you want to try is in Gulf Shores, but how far is that from Perdido Key? Or maybe you need a link to grocery options. Who wants to waste time hunting for such trivia?

Nobody, and that’s the purpose of this visitor guide. I’ve tried to provide lots of common need-to-know information and answers to help you find what you’re looking for and get on with your day.

Note that there isn’t a ton of info on kid friendly activities and attractions here. Generally speaking, you’ll find much more for kids in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. It’s a very short drive to both (see distances below), but if you’re going to be doing lots of that you may want to find a condo on one of those beaches.

For all of you who travel with young children, I do have plans to put together another guide for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Hopefully that will be in the very near future.


  1. Is Perdido Key in Florida or Alabama?
    It’s in Florida, but read the next answer to understand why it might be confusing.
  2. Where is Perdido Key?
    It’s in Escambia County just across the Florida state border, located between Orange Beach, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida. Just to confuse you, if you’re in Florida driving west, just when you cross the state line into Alabama, there is a stretch of beach there (in Alabama) called Perdido Beach. Those are two different locations in two different states. You’ll know when you cross between Florida and Alabama because you’ll pass the famous Flora-Bama Lounge, which sits right on the border.
  3. Where can I find a map of Perdido Key?

    For a detailed city map with options to see a street view and lots of local destinations of interest, see the Perdido Key Resort Management Area Map.
  4. What is the closest airport to Perdido Key, Florida?
    The nearest commercial airport is the Pensacola International Airport (PNS), approximately 21 miles from Perdido Key.
  5. What is the time zone in Perdido Key, Florida?
    Perdido Key is in the Central Standard Time zone, but it’s close to the line between the next time zone. Traveling east, you will cross into the Eastern Standard Time zone when you reach Port St. Joe, Florida.

    The line basically follows the Apalachicola River, except when it reaches the town of Apalachicola it turns westward and goes around Port St. Joe. That odd little turn makes Port St. Joe in the Eastern Time zone even though it is west of some Central Time Zone communities.
  6. What are the zip codes in Perdido Key?
    It only has one, and that is 32507.
  7. How far is it from…
    Going East
    • Perdido Key to Pensacola Naval Air Station (home of the Blue Angels) – 12 miles
    • Perdido Key to town of Pensacola – 27 miles
    • Perdido Key to Navarre Beach – 41 miles
    • Perdido Key to Fort Walton Beach – 56 miles
    • Perdido Key to Destin – 63 miles
    • Perdido Key to Panama City Beach – 141 miles (the beach route is shorter but very slow due to heavy traffic)
    • Perdido Key to Port St. Joe – 193 miles
    Going West
    • Perdido Key to Orange Beach, Alabama – 12 miles
    • Perdido Key to Gulf Shores, Alabama – 18 miles
    • Perdido Key to Foley, Alabama (Tanger Outlet Mall) – 23 miles
    • Perdido Key to Mobile, Alabama – 66 miles
    • Perdido Key to New Orleans, Louisiana – 210 miles
    (All mileages are approximate and will vary depending on your exact departure and arrival addresses.)
  8. Environment

  9. What is the weather like in Perdido Key?

    Monthly Average Temperatures in Perdido Key

    Average min and max temperatures in Perdido Key, United States of America
  10. What are the current weather and ocean conditions in the Perdido Key area?
  11. Accommodations

  12. Condo rentals: RV Parks and Campgrounds:
  13. Food [Restaurants, Fast Food, Specialty, Groceries, Fresh Seafood]

  14. My Favorite Restaurants:

  15. Fast Food

  16. Specialty

  17. Groceries

  18. Fresh Seafood Market

  19. Churches

  20. There are lots of churches of all denominations located at or very near the beaches in Perdido Key. To find the church websites and information about service times see this Google map of churches in the Perdido Key area.

    For a non-denominational service, and a rather unique worship experience, consider attending Sunday services at the Flora-Bama Lounge. Yes, I know that sounds bizarre, but I have been and it is a truly wonderful service. Get complete information here.

  21. Some of the Many Nearby Attractions


    For the kids…


    Besides all that, you’re just a short drive from Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. For a full list of area fun events and festivals, be sure to check out Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Events & Festivals.

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Perdido Key Visitor Guide
Perdido Key Visitor Guide Perdido Key Visitor Guide

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