Johnson Beach 2024

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Look what’s brand new at Johnson Beach in 2024. This beautiful and historic spot on the Florida Gulf Coast just got even better!

Johnson Beach 2024

Ahh, summer’s here again, at last! In May I kicked off my favorite season of the year with a visit to my favorite beach, Perdido Key, Florida. The weather wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying every minute of my trip.

Naturally that included lots of strolls along the sandy shore, and this year I got a surprise at Johnson Beach. Approaching from the west I noticed a boardwalk that hadn’t been there before. My initial reaction was that it seems like a nice enough idea.

Johnson Beach Boardwalk

It was only when I got closer that I realized what an extremely nice improvement this is. It’s obviously a great addition for anyone with disabilities, but it’s so much more.

Johnson Beach Boardwalk - front view

This is a very well thought-out and well-built boardwalk. Though you can’t tell from the photo, it is extremely wide, which is a good thing because it’s also extremely long. (That pavilion in the background is huge. It’s the distance that makes it look so small.) If someone in a wheelchair was going toward the beach and met another person in a wheel chair, the ramp is wide enough to accommodate both – no one has to backtrack!

The same is true for those headed to the beach or returning from it while carrying bulky bags and gear or pulling carts loaded with coolers or fishing rods and tackle or all the other variety of “beach stuff” we need to enjoy our day.

Fishermen and parents with small children are going to really love this ramp. Think how much easier carts will roll on the boardwalk, as opposed to the soft Florida sand. And the ramp is so long it takes you very close to the water.

Below are two photos taken from the beginning of the ramp looking toward the ocean.

Johnson Beach Boardwalk - view from park Johnson Beach ramp deck

If you’re not familiar with Johnson Beach, it is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore in Perdido Key. The park has paved areas for parking, a very large pavilion, a number of boardwalks, and a 1/2-mile walking trail. The pavilion and existing boardwalks were already wheelchair accessible, but this new boardwalk makes it much better because the beach itself is now much more accessible.

Why is it called “Johnson Beach”?

I’m so glad you asked! Be sure to read Johnson Beach and Florida Black History (on this site).

My article includes lots of photos and complete information about the beach and all its facilities. This is a very nice area for anyone visiting the beach, whether you’re just there for the day or staying nearby in accommodations that don’t have beach access.

The pavilion is so huge it can accommodate lots of gatherings of lots of folks. There are restrooms and showers, and in summer months there is even a lifeguard on the beach.

However, what makes Johnson Beach genuinely special is its historical significance and the young man whose name it bears. I promise you will be moved by the fascinating story of this incredibly heroic young soldier. After all these years his sacrifice is not forgotten. Each year a memorial ceremony is held in his honor, and it is attended by family members who still live in the area.

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Johnson Beach - Look what's new in 2024!

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