Best Beach Packing List – for Family or Singles [FREE Printable!]

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I searched the web to find all the best beach packing lists for you, and boy was I surprised. If you want a really good, comprehensive packing list, this article will save you a whole lot of time!

Best Beach Packing List - with FREE Printable

Type “beach packing list” into a search engine and you’ll get millions of results. Those that appear on the first page of results should be awesome lists, right? So I thought, but here’s the truth.

Mainly what you’ll find are articles with packing advice and tips. The vast majority of the “lists” that show up contain only a few selected items that the article encourages you to buy. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I like to promote my favorite items too because I know people will enjoy them. It’s just not helpful if you’re looking for a good beach packing list. What I need is something to help me think of everything I’ll need for my trip and remember to pack all of it.

Since I couldn’t find a really good, comprehensive list, I created my own list for you. My aim was to cover everything you may need whether you’re packing for adults only or children from infants on up. Of course I’m always open to suggestion because we all learn from experience. If you have something helpful to add, please leave a comment below!

The Complete Beach Packing List by Beach Packing List

Click the image above for a Free Printable copy of The Complete Beach Packing List. It includes everything you see in the list below, plus it has blank lines at the end of each section for any items you want to add.

You don’t have to give your email address or join any mailing list. It’s totally free, no obligation. Just click and download it!

The Complete

Beach Packing List


swimsuit coverup nice shorts nice shirts pool Shorts t-shirts & tanks dress pants/jeans belt dress shirts ties dresses workout clothes bras undershirts underwear socks PJs long sleeve shirts sweater or light jacket flip flops casual shoes, sandals dress shoes athletic shoes


jewelry hats, ball caps casual purse dress purse sunglasses beach bag umbrella (the personal kind, for rain)


toothbrush toothpaste mouthwash floss razors shaving cream aftershave perfume deodorant body wash feminine hygiene products face scrub/cleanser makeup remover cotton swabs moisturizer shampoo conditioner hair styling products brush comb hair dryer flat iron hair clips pony tail holders cosmetics nail polish polish remover cotton balls manicure tools tweezers sunscreen lip balm/sunscreen sunburn or after-sun lotion baby powder to remove sand

Personal Items

my own bed pillow contact lenses contact solution prescription medications birth control supplements over-the-counter meds (allergy, pain relief, etc.)

Travel Essentials

electronics charging cords portable electronics charger air pods or headphones laptop, iPad, Kindle first aid kit insect repellent hand sanitizer disinfectant wipes travel iron

Beach Gear

beach towels beach blanket beach chairs beach umbrella pop-up, tent big cooler small cooler beach cart tote bags life jackets bluetooth speaker or boombox beach games snorkel & swim gear water sports gear insulated tumblers koozies waterproof phone cover books, magazines camera tripod disposal waterproof camera binoculars flashlight fishing gear

For the Kids

floatation devices, inflatables beach and pool toys, kites, bubbles goggles mesh bags for shells & treasures flashlights crab nets sun hats sunglasses thermometer swim-ear kids meds water shoes boogie boards blankets or stuffed animals kid chairs insulated sippy cups mini inflatable pool indoor activities for rainy days or shade time

For Baby

formula bottles, nipples, caps & covers breast pump, nursing supplies bottle brush burp cloths baby food, spoons bibs diapers swim diapers (reusable) wipes soap/shampoo lotion pacifiers, teethers toys baby inflatable blanket medicine, ointments disposable diaper sacks wet bag diaper bag carrier stroller travel bed/play pen sound machine monitor


Download your FREE PRINTABLE copy here: The Complete Beach Packing List

Other Beach Packing Lists

  • The Essential Beach Packing List, Smarter Travel
    This is the only other list I found that might be worth a look. There are some beach packing tips plus a printable checklist that includes clothes/accessories, toiletries, beach gear, and travel essentials. I like this list. It just doesn’t go into as much detail as the list. Personally, I write down everything or I’ll forget!

  • The Ultimate Beach Packing List for a Week-Long Vacation, AFAR
    The bad news here is that there is no printable here, and the page is not organized all that well. However, the article presents lots of ideas that you may find helpful.

One More Thing Before You Go…

In addition to packing, here are a few things I do the week before heading off on a beach vacation:

  • When going somewhere new, enter the destination address in your phone. Add it as a “favorite” in maps, enter it as a contact, or whatever works for you. Also add a phone note with any gate or other security codes you may need.
  • If you’re taking a camera, check the memory card to make sure you have enough room for all your new vacation memories. The same goes for your phone. If you have limited storage, you may need to transfer photos to a computer or storage service to free up space for new pics.
  • Make a note on your phone with passwords to your entertainment accounts such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. You may want access to your streaming services while you’re gone, especially if bad weather sets in. I use a password manager (LastPass), so my passwords are always easily available from my phone.

That should do it! Obviously, much of what you decide to pack will depend on whether you’re driving or flying. Please print out my list and add or delete items to make it your own. I hope it helps, but if you do forget something there’s always Wallyworld. Happy traveling!

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Best Beach Packing List
Best Beach Packing List

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